Simple Tips for Looking Good in a Suit

Suits are designed to make men look neat and elegant, turning them into real gentlemen when it perfectly fits them and they wear it with attitude. Although the quality of the fabrics is an important aspect that makes a suit look good, there are other things that enhance the look of a suit. If you use to wear a suit regularly or you only wear one for occasions, here are some useful simple tips that will help you look good in a suit.

  • The sleeves of the jacket shouldn’t exceed your wrist by more than 2 fingers, otherwise it will look like the suit is too large for you. Neither should they be too short or you will look like you borrowed the suit from a taller friend, so pay attention to the length of the sleeves when you try on a suit.
  • The length of the legs is as important as the sleeves and it should cover a few inches of the shoe in order to avoid showing your socks when you sit down. A great tip to keep looking good while sitting is to raise the pants from above the knees so that they won’t stretch on you and look like they are about to crack.
  • It’s very important that when you button the jacket, it won’t form an unpleasant x around the chest buttons. If the shape of the jacket changes, it’s likely that the suit is too tight and you will not look good wearing it. Also, remember to always button all the buttons on the jacket to keep a tidy aspect.
  • The pockets of the jacket come stitched and some say it’s best that you let them like that if you want the jacket to look nice. We say that you can cut the stitches as long as you don’t fill your pockets with large and bulky items.
  • How a suit looks on you is influenced by the way the fabrics lay on your body and follow the body’s curves. A well-ironed suit will always keep a nice shape and will make you look very elegant, so pay attention to the ironing. A clothes steamer can do wonders on the wrinkles in the fabric without making the suit look shiny as it uses steam to remove the wrinkles and doesn’t put pressure on the fabric.
  • The accessories can either enhance or ruin the aspect of a suit, so be careful how you choose and match them. If you are wearing a pocket square and a tie bar, avoid wearing a level pin as well. Also, never match a bulky sports watch to an elegant suit.