Possible Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness

An astonishing number of 70% of men suffer from male pattern baldness. Men that suffer from this tend to not show the fact that they lose self-esteem and become frustrated because it is usually expected from them to not care about their appearance. Nothing could be more false, it’s not only women who have to look their best at all times; a lot of pressure is put on men as well. Having a full head of hair is associated in today’s world with virility, strength and power. Therefore, a man who suffers from male pattern baldness will feel that he is unattractive and become depressed. Fortunately, there exist many treatments for male pattern baldness. Try them and you’ll certainly find one that works for you.

Drugs and serums

Minoxidil is a solution that stimulates hair follicles to grow. This FDA approved treatment slows down hair loss and some men that used it experienced growth of new hair. When you apply the solution, be careful not to put too much. As with all treatments, there are side effects if too much is applied; some of these side effects include dizziness, fainting, chest pain and even blurred vision.
Latisse is one of the best eyelash growth serum products, a product used mostly by women. Men who tried this unusual method were surprised to see that it actually works on hair as well. Soon Allergan, the producers of Latisse, will test it on men and women with pattern baldness to win the FDA approval. If it will be approved, the serum will most likely take the form of a cream that should be applied to the balding areas. Basically the lashes and the head hair grow from the same types of hair follicles, the only difference being the length of the hair. As such, there is no reason why the best eyelash growth serum products can’t also be effective treatments for baldness. The only problem is that these serums are quite expensive and you need to apply a big quantity on the head in order to see results.

Natural ingredients

Some of these treatments can be seen as disgusting to say the least, but at least they are made with natural ingredients you can find in your home or in a barn. Yes, it sounds weird to say in a barn, but the fact is that a possible treatment for male pattern baldness is to use animal excrements. This method is clearly not preferred by many, no explications are needed to why it isn’t; people just don’t want to have animal excrements on them. If you’re disgusted by this method, like most people actually, use some other natural methods that don’t involve bad smells. You can mix a cup of mustard oil with four spoons of henna leaves, boil them and let them cool before applying the combination on your balding areas. This has to be done on a daily basis for it to work. There is no guarantee that it will, if you don’t see any changes, try other methods and don’t waste valuable time. That’s why we call them possible treatments, not sure treatments; they don’t necessarily work on all men who try them, but some might be lucky enough to get rid of their problem in a natural way.