Popular Men Plastic Surgery Procedures

Perhaps not as much and not as often as women, but men also resort to plastic surgery in order to achieve what they believe to be perfection. Since we live in a world where beauty and youth are considered to be essential, more and more men undergo enhancing procedures designed to correct their flaws and make them look younger. Discover below the most popular plastic surgery procedures that men undergo in order to look more attractive and feel better about themselves.

Breast reduction

While women pay fortunes for larger and firmer breasts, men often resort to a procedure called Gynecomastia, or breast reduction. Men who are overweight often confront the situation of having large breasts that don’t look attractive, so they choose to remove the fat or the glands that make them feel unappealing.

Nose reshaping

The days when a big nose in men was considered a sign of virility and manhood are long gone and nowadays more and more men start reshaping their nose in order to achieve a smoother aspect. Men no longer wish to look massive and have prominent noses, so they step into the plastic surgeon’s office perhaps as often as women do to correct their nose.

Eyelid surgery

Beauty standards force men to undergo a procedure that lifts the eyelids to make the eyes look wider and more attention-catching. The eyelid surgery implies removing the excess skin, repositioning fat, and eliminating some of the muscles in order to fix drooping eyelids and remove the dark under eye circles.


Body fat has always been a problem for both men and women and when diets don’t work, the plastic surgery comes in to solve the problem. A large number of men choose to have their body fat removed during a procedure called liposuction where the doctor inserts a vacuum underneath the skin and absorbs the excess fat. This isn’t a means of treating obesity, but it has an improving effect on the overall aspect of a man’s body.

Considering that men plastic surgeries are not as commonly seen and advertised as the procedures women undergo, the research is the more important in order to avoid further unpleasantness like complications caused by medical negligence. There have been plenty of cases of patients who suffered from medical negligence from the doctors, anesthetists or nurses who didn’t know how to handle their surgeries, resulting in severe damage of their health condition. You can learn more about this topic by visiting a medical negligence advice site. That being said, it’s important to resort to the help of reputable doctors who master the plastic surgery field and trustful clinics that enjoy the latest equipment.