Nerdy Tools that Make Gardening Fun

Men who are passionate about gardening don’t like to do it the traditional way, with watering cans, rakes, and shovels, but like to bring innovative technologies into their gardening chores, to make gardening both exciting and fun. For men who want to improve the aspect of their garden the easiest way possible, here are some nerdy tools that will arouse their interest and will make gardening fun and entertaining.

Parrot Flower Power sensor

This innovative gadget is designed to measure the levels of air and soil moisture, the environmental temperature, the amount of sunlight the plants receive and the level of fertilizer in the soil. Then, the sensor sends the signal to your smartphone or tablet to keep you in touch with everything related to your plants’ needs. Thanks to its database that includes over 6,000 plants, the Flower Power sensor can also adjust the numbers to the needs of a specific plant, so that you will always know how to care for it.

Rain Commander sprinkler control

While most men would opt for a regular sprinklers system, technology enthusiasts would go for the ultimate sprinkler system control. This cutting technology matches any smartphone or tablet and it allows the user to schedule the watering cycles, to customize the watering according to garden zones and to skip watering in case it will rain. With this system, you will be able to play with the sprinklers and you will have full control on the garden’s watering.

Garden Cam

If you have trouble with a plant that simply won’t grow and you can’t keep an eye on it at all times to discover the reason, the Garden Cam is the right gadget to help you. This is a 1.3 megapixels time-lapse camera that can be installed near a plant to monitor its evolution and to discover which is the cause that keeps it from growing. Later on, you will be able to watch the footage and see what is wrong with your plants.

Led grow lights

If you want to grow plants indoors, you will either gonna need some huge windows or a good artificial light system. We advise you to opt for the second choice as it is less expensive and more efficient, as it also helps the plants stay healthy in the wintertime when natural light is scarce. Read some┬áled grow lights reviews and choose some led lamps suitable for the types of plants that you plan on growing. These lamps consist in many led bulbs that create a full spectrum of light to encourage the plants’ growth. Led grow lights are extremely useful in indoor gardening, as they deliver a beneficial type of light to plants that don’t receive natural sunlight. Since there are numerous such lamps on the market, we advise you to read several led grow lights reviews and choose the ones which offer the most advantages.