How to Turn a Plain Room into a Home Cinema

Many people wish to have a home cinema mainly because it’s more affordable to transform a room into a home cinema and watch as many movies as you want, rather than having to pay money on weekly tickets. Furthermore, if you decorate it with taste and ensure that everything is designed properly, you can make the home cinema of your dreams and invite all of your friends to watch the latest movies. Here are some smart tips to help you transform a plain room into a home cinema.

Carefully choose the location

When it comes to making a cineva in your home, it’s very important to take into consideration many aspects. To begin with, you should pick a room where there’s not so much natural light, because if you will want to see the movie clearly, and not blurry, especially if you are planning to use a movie projector. Other than that, it’s important to avoid turning a room that’s near the bedroom or kitchem, because you don’t want to wake others from their sleep or interrupt their daily activities. A good tip would be to transform your basement into a home cinema, because it’s dark and the noise won’t reach other rooms.

Repaint the walls

In order to make the room resemble a home cinema, you might think about repainting the walls. Consider painting the walls a bright red and choose red chairs so that it’s in the same theme. However, if you are planning to use a movie projector, it’s advisable to leave the walls white. Otherwise, you won’t manage to use the movie projector and it will be quite unfortunate. Don’t forget to add curtains or drapes that blend with the decor.

Add furniture

If you want a real feel of cinema, you can choose to buy real cinema seats by doing a quick internet search. The rest of the furniture should allow you to store the DVD; you will also need drawers for storing various cables, a shelf to have the devices in a remote place to avoid electromagnetic radiations. The amplifier will be installed as far as possible of other devices to avoid disturbance of its high power supply. You can also add a mini bar for storing glasses and cool drinks or even a mini fridge.

Decorate the space

Generally speaking, cinemas have a simple design, so you won’t find many paintings or pictures hanging inside a cinema. The best part about having a home cinema is that you can choose to decorate it as you want. While it’s recommended to keep it simple and don’t overcrowd the space, you can add a couple of movie posters on the world or action heroes and movie character figurines on some shelves.