5 Classic Mens Hat Styles and the Right Way to Wear Them

When wearing a hat, you will definitely have an elegant, distinctive and mysterious look. Nowadays, wearing a classic hat can be quite challenging. Not all men like hats, but in case you are one who does, then you might be extremely interested in the following 5 classic hat styles and the right way to wear them.

Fedora hats

This is the most common classic men hat. It is without a doubt an iconic style, which lots of men choose to include in their wardrobe. A fedora hat has flat brims and an elegant design. Wearing a fedora hat slightly tilted down, you will certainly have a mysterious look. Fedora hats come in lots of colors, in order to meet everybody’s tastes. You should consider wearing a fedora hat with a suit and tie.

Porkpie hats

Porkpie hats have without any doubt and extremely eye-catching design. They are absolutely perfect for a day out with your friends. Porkpie hats are extremely popular, and teenagers from nowadays have started to wear them as well. They definitely look cute and wearing a colorful porkpie hat, will certainly cheer up your whole outfit. Wear this type of hat with any smart outfit you’d like.

Panama hats

Have you seen Indiana Jones? If yes, then you will recognize this type of hat. This is a hat with large borders, and it usually comes in very bright colors, like beige or white. This type of hat is Ecuadorian and it is made of woven palm leaves. It is definitely not an elegant or casual hat. It can actually be worn in the hot days of Summer, in order to protect you from the sun.

Western hats

We all have seen and admired the western hats, from the western movies. Even though the Western hats are considered extremely ”macho”, they can be worn by women as well. In case you decide to wear a hat like this, you must have an outfit that includes jeans, boots and a striped shirt. Never wear a western hat with any other outfit.

Derby hats

As you probably know, this is Charlie Chaplin’s hat. Derby hats are made of felt and are less formal. They can be worn with a casual outfit. You might be surprised to find out that nowadays, men still wear this type of hat. Derby hats are considered a British icon, due the pop culture that has adopted this style throughout time.