2015 Men’s Style Shoe Trends

Regardless of what look you go for, either it’s a city smart one or a more casual one, the shoes have to go well with the choices you make. Every year, trends change and everyone has to keep up with them. When it comes to shoes, they always have to be comfortable, not only fashionable. Therefore, every man must choose what looks and feels good in the matter of footwear. Here are this year’s trends when it comes to men’s shoes:

Athletic leisure

Athletic inspired must be a part of your shoe collection this year. They are comfortable and practical. They can be worn when you go for a casual look; if you are into the extravagant look, they can even be worn with a classier outfit. When going to a game with the guys or just taking a stroll down the street it’s a lot easier to put on your favorite sport shoes than to complicate yourself by pulling together classy attires.


Casual shoes are certainly a popular option; they have a laid back look and as well as the sporty shoes they go well in many situations. Exposed stitching and color mixing is the trend this year for casual shoes. This is the choice for any man who likes to keep things simple when they go out, in order not to be out of the ordinary.

The city smart look

The so called city smart look is for the man who likes to look his best when going to work or on an important business meeting. The colors are classic, black and brown. Material combinations and brogue detailing are also a success with these shoes. When materials are combined, it’s preferable for the colors to be mixed too. A combination of dark and light tones of brown or black, looks interesting in footwear.

Autumn/winter wear

Winter is approaching and autumn is already upon us; get your boots or slip-ons out if you don’t want to catch a cold! Ankle boots have a silhouette that allows you to use them with both casual and formal outfits. Hiking boots are a good choice for bad weather for men of any ages and if you spice things up by using yellow or orange laces, they attract a lot of attention. For fall/winter go with loafers; buy a pair with thick treaded sole to be both in style and protected from the bad weather at the same time.