2015 Men’s Street Style Trends

Men want to be fashionable just as much as women do. The style a man adopts when he goes out is important to be in touch with what’s hot in that moment. Street styles have to be creative, innovative and personal. This style has made a return to traditionalism while still keeping a modern feel. In 2015, conventional meets contemporary and this is a good look for all guys, no matter what height and weight they have. Let’s take a closer look at some street style trends for men this year.

Denim is back

A couple of years ago, denim clothes were considered out of style but they made a strong comeback. It’s a relaxed look that does justice to all body types. Denim shirts and jackets are versatile when it comes to color; they satisfy men who like to wear dark or light tones of blue and give a laid-back look that guarantees attention.


Autumn is here, winter is coming soon; be prepared for the bad weather! When it comes to contemporary menswear, it’s not acceptable to go out with whatever you have around the house that keeps you warm. Statement overcoats are the clear choice for bad weather. A statement overcoat can come in many styles that please everyone; a more modern man can go with an adventurous design and loud colors like bright blue or red, whereas a man who likes to keep things simple can go with a single-breasted classic in black and gray tones.

Scarves and trainers

In men’s fashion, as already mentioned, there is a clash between classic and contemporary. Scarves are getting bigger and bigger not only to give a more fashionable look to what you’re wearing, but they also provide better protection in cold weather; either hang them around your neck or let them hang loose, but never forget to leave home wearing one to achieve an up to date look. When it comes to footwear, go with comfortable and classic. Street style is all about being casual and classy at the same time. Therefore, white minimalist trainers are the best option; they go well with anything you plan to wear. To add to the point, they are very comfortable too, so you’ll feel good with them on when you stroll down the street.


Achieve a great look by layering tailored vests over suiting and smart separates. Of course, their colors must not match to create an attention-grabbing look. Choose colors that are elegant when combined, like white over light gray, or if you’re into a more shocking and eye-popping look, go for bright yellow over olive. Contrast in fabrics can also be done this year, leather over a body of tweed being a good choice for example.
Choose what feels comfortable, mix and match conventional with contemporary however you feel comfortable while keeping in mind the trends of this year. When you’ll go outside all the women will be admiring your look and all the guys will be jealous on your fashion choices.