Useful Tools that Every Man Should Own

A house will always need some repairs and there will always be something for a handyman to do so having a few tools at hand is very helpful in any home. Whether it’s a simple woodwork or a pipe that needs to be fixed, the right tools will make the job a lot easier and although some of them seem plain and boring, no man could be a handyman without them.

The crescent wrench

One of the most common tools in the toolbox is the crescent wrench that unlike the regular wrench, can be adjusted in size. It is very useful in tightening or loosening bolts or pipe joints and a 1” item should take care of most of the jobs around the house. You simply fit the wrench over the nut, tighten it as much as you can to prevent it from slipping and ruining the bolt and twist it to the side you want.

The router

If you are passionate about building stuff, a router is what you need to complete a series of cuts that can help you create anything from a dog house to a baby crib. However, no router is complete without a router table so make sure you pair the two. For the best results, try the Bosch router table with a matching Bosch router so you can enjoy the highest performance and comfort in use. If you are considering purchasing this item, you can see how that works here so you will get a better understanding of its performance. Bosch RA1181 is equipped with everything you need for a wide range of cuts and is very easy to use so you will immediately get the hang of it.

The pliers

There are so many pliers to choose from that selecting just one or two would be impossible so we say you go for the full set. There are pliers for anything from cutting wire to adjusting joints so make sure you keep your eyes opened for any pliers that might come in handy.

The screwdriver

We can say the same about the so-versatile screwdriver that should be found in any toolbox. It basically screws and unscrews screws but it can be used for fixing so many things that you could say it is a must-have for any man and even for women. There are many screwdriver models, each suitable for a type and size of screw.

The drill

We get from the simple tools to the interesting power tools and we must start with the drill. There are so many things you can make with a drill that having one seems as normal as having a washing machine. To make the choice easier, Bosch offers a wide range of hammer drills that you can use to drill holes or to tighten screws. You can choose the small Bosch PS130-2A that is very easy to use for any job or you could get the larger Bosch 1191VSRK that can pierce through concrete.

The tape measure

In woodworking and when performing all sorts of DIY projects, what you need above all is precision. However, precision is required in everyday activities as you might at times need to make accurate measurements. For example, when you buy that new couch you have been staring at for so long, you need to know what the exact dimensions it should be custom made in are. Otherwise, you might end up with a couch that is a tad too big for your tiny living room or vice versa. In all these moments, the tool you need is the tape measure.

The hammer

The fact that you need a hammer should be more than obvious. There are many uses to this tool, even for those who are not handymen. The hammer is useful in situations spanning from hanging a new painting you have bought or made to the wall, to building furniture pieces from scratch in your garage. A useful tool with a universal use that must not miss from your collection, it is a mandatory purchase to make with certainty.