Romantic Yet Cool Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween doesn’t have to be scary at all. It can be very romantic if you plan to go to the Halloween party with your partner. In this article, we have gathered some romantic and awesome costumes for you and your date. Check them out!

Gothic married dead couple

What a great idea you had to celebrate your wedding on October 31, you will be perfectly in the spirit of Halloween! Your guests, who are more gruesome creatures as each other are nothing compared to the priest who will unite you, for better or for worse, until death do you part. The gothic wedding costume consists of a long white dress: the bustier is decorated with a lovely lace, matching the bridal veil and a flower bouquet. You can make the costume for men of a black jacket with a false imitation flower, a shirt and tie, black pants and a hat if you want to accessorize the outfit. Make Halloween night the most beautiful day of your life until death do you part!

Grease couple costume

Get inspired from the famous musical movie “Grease” and put together an amazing couple costume to impress all of your friends with your dancing skills. This cool couple costume will make you the stars of the evening. The costume for women consists of a black leather jacket and a tight-fitting black jumpsuit. Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit by wearing a pair of red heels and a wide belt to accentuate your waistline. The costume for men is easy to put together. You only need a black leather jacket, a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. To complete the look style your hair the specific 70’s fashion style.

Roman couple costume

Relive a great moment in the history by wearing the Greco-Roman couple disguise. The Greco-Roman man costume consists of a white robe decorated with Greek detailing, the laurel wreath and two armbands. The Greco-Roman costume for woman includes a long and flowy white dress with gold detailing and a belt or rope that is tight around the waist area. To take it a step further, use a gold headpiece and wear a pair of gladiator sandals. This is a perfect Greco-Roman couple costume for a Halloween party or other costume-themed party.

Robin and Marianne costume

Impersonate the mythical couple of the Middle Ages, Robin Hood and his beautiful Marianne by wearing a medieval costume. The Robin Hood costume consists of a brown tunic, beige trousers, a hat and the long green headband. Marianne’s disguise consists of a red dress and matching headpiece. The princess dress is long, with puffed shoulders, although gathered at the waist with a thin gold braid. This beautiful Medieval costume for couples will be ideal for dressing during Carnival or during a Middle Ages theme party.