Popular Men’s Hairstyles

This year there have been many popular choices when it comes to men’s hairstyles. It’s hard to keep up with these times and the hairstyle you have might soon become outdated. The simple and classic styles have faded in the background leaving way for trendy haircuts. If you want to keep up with the trends take a closer look at the most popular hairstyles for men; but keep in mind to choose what you think fits your face shape and personality the best.

The undercut

The undercut is fit for men that have either straight or curly hair. The easiest way to describe the undercut is: short sides and long top. Undercuts are either disconnected or faded. In the disconnected undercut, there is a sharp contrast between the top and lower part, the lower part being much shorter. The faded undercuts sides blend into the longer top, so the lengths to the top aren’t the same. It’s very flexible and individualistic; cut and style it however it feels comfortable. This trend is surely to stay for a long time because of it’s variety, two men can rarely have the same look while sporting this hairstyle.

The man bun

Things changed and the long hair in men is no longer associated with wash outs and rock gods. Let your hair grow and rock the man bun hairstyle. This style is popular because it’s appropriate in any situation. For an office appropriate look you could slick back your hair and tie it in a tidy bun. Wearing a business suit with this hairstyle will make you look irresistible. To achieve a sporty look tie the bun loose and leave some hair hanging out. After all, if you’re going to play a game of soccer with the boys it doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous while doing it. If you’re going for a rugged look, combine an untidy man bun with a beard; it will certainly make you look mysterious and interesting. Whatever look you go for with your man bun, eyes will definitely be on you wherever you go.

The top knot

The top knot is a combination of the two hairstyles mentioned before, the undercut and the man bun. Unfortunately, this hairstyle isn’t fit for everyone, as opposed to the man bun which looks gorgeous on any man, but if you can pull it off, it looks amazing. When going for the top knot hairstyle, keep the hair between six to eight inches. The top part will be tied in a tiny ponytail and the sides and back of the head will be shortened in different types of cuts to fit your face the best.

The pompadour

The pompadour became a popular hairstyle for men in the late 1950s when stars such as Elvis Presley started wearing their hair this way. Now it made a comeback and it’s one of the hottest trends in men hairstyles. The pompadour can either be classic or modern. The classic pompadour is fit for refined gentlemen. To achieve this look, don’t clip your hair higher than the crown of your head. It suits men of all face shapes, but it looks the best on men with longer faces. The modern pompadour creates a sexy and edgy look. The side and back hair are shaved very short and the top is left big, being a combination between the pompadour and the uppercut. This particular hairstyle suits men with rounder faces, adding height and distracting from the width of the face.