Best Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend/Wife

One of the best moments in a man’s life is when he gives the perfect gift to the love of his life and he gets to see that beautiful smile on her face. No matter if it’s her birthday, a holiday, your anniversary, or just a random day in which you want to surprise her, you have to put soul and thought in the gift you give her. Read the following lines to find out which are the best gift ideas for you girlfriend/wife, and make the wonderful woman in your life smile.

Weekend getaway

Instead of spending money on an object, maybe you should take your sweet lover to a romantic destination for the weekend. No matter if you take her in another city that is relatively close to you, where you will go by train or car, or if you book tickets to a romantic European city like Paris or Venice, she will appreciate the weekend getaway in which she’ll be able to relax, have fun, and you’ll have unforgettable memories together from it. The only thing you have to do is to book two nights in a beautiful hotel, to plan some activities for when you arrive there so you don’t waste time, and to make sure that you don’t forget the camera in order to take pictures of your surprise mini-vacation.

DIY romantic dinner

Instead of waiting for her to cook dinner for you, stun her by cooking her favorite meal and by creating a romantic ambiance for the evening yourself. Start preparing while she’s away at work, even if it means you have to take the day off to be ready when she arrives, pick the food you want to prepare for her, go shopping for the ingredients, and start making the perfect dinner for your beloved lady. Set the mood by putting rose petals on the table, some incense candles, play romantic music on the background, place a bottle of fine wine or champagne on the table, and dim the lights so when she comes home everything is perfect. Don’t forget to wait for her dressed in a fancy suit, and give her a couple of minutes to change in her favorite dress as well. This way, everything will be perfect to the last detail.

A book by her favorite author

We all have a favorite author, and like a loving boyfriend/husband that you are, you surely know which is her favorite author. A book written by her all-time favorite author is a gift she will definitely enjoy and cherish, and it will show her that you took an interest in her passions. After all, there is no better gift to give to a woman than a gift that shows you are attentive to her likes and dislikes. The only thing you have to do after handing her this wonderful gift is to leave her alone to enjoy the book in silence, and when she’s finished, ask her how she liked it, and listen to her opinion on what she read, keeping everything in mind to know exactly what she likes in order to buy her more books in the future which she will surely enjoy as well.


Diamonds might or might not be a girl’s best friend, but the truth is that all women love jewelry, and this is definitely one of the safest gifts to give to your girlfriend/wife. Buy her a ring, or a bracelet, or even an entire set of jewelry, and when she’ll see them she will definitely want to wear them right away. You just have to make sure you buy her jewelry made from the precious metal she likes, either gold or silver, and that they have her favorite gem, no matter if it’s ruby, sapphire, or even the more expensive and sophisticated diamond.