Best Food For Gaining Muscle Mass

Are you wondering if you can improve your muscle mass by changing the way you eat? In case the answer is yes, then you should know that this is possible. It is not necessary to work hard at the gym and take steroids in order to develop your muscle mass. Here is a short list with the best food for gaining muscle mass.

Whey protein

You will find on the market whey protein supplements that are really effective for your muscle mass. It is recommended to take the protein from the food you eat and use the protein supplements as a boost, after your workouts. Whey protein supplement is reasonably priced, so you won’t have to spend lots of money either. You will definitely see a big improvement of your muscle mass.

Lean beef

In case you decide you want to gain muscle mass, you must include in your daily meals, lean beef. It is a known fact that beef contains nutrients, such as zinc, iron and Vitamin B. A medium portion of beef, every day, will give your body proteins and amino acids which will stimulate the growth of your muscle mass. It’s worth a try, in order to gain muscle mass.


It is very important you start consuming eggs, in case you want to gain muscle mass. They contain Omega 3, proteins, vitamin D and amino acids. This complex of nutrients helps the development of your muscle mass in a healthy way. Two eggs a day will be more than enough in order to achieve your goal.


If you struggle to gain muscle mass, then you must consume as often as you can, nuts. They have a high level of fiber, fats and proteins, which allow you to obtain an extra amount of calories, in order to gain muscle mass. They also taste nice and you can eat them at any time during the day.

Protein and carbohydrates shake

It is highly recommended that you drink a protein and carbohydrates shake before your workouts. A shake like that will increase the blood flow to the muscles and will definitely help you get stronger. Remember that protein shakes should be a supplement not a replacement for the real food. You can either have a protein and carbohydrates shake in the morning, in case that’s when you go to the gym, or in the afternoon. Definitely, it is not indicated to have one in the evenings.