Are Men More Affected By Allergies that Women?

Allergies occur due to the hypersensitivity of the immune system to certain environmental factors. The symptoms when an allergy occurs are itchy rashes, swelling, shortness of breath, red eyes, and even a runny nose. The most common allergies are to pollen and food. These reactions can’t be explained by genetic factors alone, therefore the common belief that men aren’t affected by them as much as women is false, a strong physic having nothing to do with being more or less predisposed to allergies.


Old studies that have been made showed that women were supposedly more affected by allergies than men. A meta-analysis was even made that incorporated a number of 591 studies, the final result being that 65% of the adults that suffered from allergies were women.
A recent study showed that the old ones were wrong, and the number of men that suffer from allergies is 10% higher than the number of women. This study was tested for people who suffer from the most common 11 allergies. The tested allergies were for two species of dust mites, mold, cat skin, dog dander, ragweed, wheat, soybeans, egg whites, peanuts, and milk. Therefore, the old belief that women are more predisposed to allergies than men is false.

Protection against allergies

Men who suffer from food allergies have to simply stay away from the foods that harm them, this being the only method to prevent food allergies.
If you suffer from allergy to cat or dog hair, and your girlfriend or wife doesn’t want to give up on her beloved pet, you can compromise. This means that some changes have to occur for you and the fluffy animal to co-exist in the same house. For example, you can buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, and set it to clean the fur off all the carpets and floors before you get home. Also, it’s a good idea to restrict the animal from entering the bedroom or living room, for the hair to not sink in the fabric of the bed or the couch. Fortunately, compromises can be made so all of you can live in peace together, without your allergy affecting you.
Dust allergies, or allergies to any contaminant that can be found in the air you breathe can be prevented from affecting you in your own home easily. Put air purifiers in all the room of your home, and the device will eliminate any pesky contaminants from the air. Breathe easy and safe, and buy the much needed air purifier. In addition, this device is good to have around the house no matter if you have allergy sufferers in it or not, because it cleans the air, protecting all the household members from any harmful contaminants.