Amazing Basement Man Cave Designs

Every man wishes that he could have a man cave. Why? The reason is quite obvious. The man cave is the only place in the house when a man can feel in his element and do the things that he loves. So, if you are trying to learn how to remodel your basement and create an unique and fun man cave design, you can draw inspiration from the following article.

Remodeling tips

We won’t get into the details of the remodeling process, but we will give you one important tip: invest in a top rated basement dehumidifier, because the environment in the basement is much more humid than the rest of the house. Once, you can control the humidity level in the basement, you can turn this room in anything you want. So, here are a couple of design ideas to put you in a creative mood. Moreover, since the basement is also a chilly place, due to its underground position, you need to find an efficient heating solution. Our advise is to consider a 2015 top rated infrared heater. Since heat tends to go upwards, all conventional heating solutions are unfit for the basement. Infrared heaters on the other hand, don’t heat the air. They only heat the objects and people found withing their ray of action. Choosing a 2015 top rated infrared heater is great because the latest models also come with some amazing designs.

Design Ideas

If you are not sure about the purpose of your man cave, other than having a no women relaxation area, here are a few designs which you will surely find inspirational.

Cinema room

If you want to embark on a cool remodeling project and create something unconventional and amazing from your plain-looking basement, what about creating your own cinema directly at home? If you are a movie addict and you’re the type of person who likes to go the cinema almost every week or twice a day, this may help you save some money in the long run. You can give free reign to your imagination and create any kind of style. You can even go with a theme, inspired from all kinds of movies, such as X-men, Batman or Star Wars. The most important thing that you need to invest in is a large plasma TV, one that is well-constructed and made to last.

For sports fans only

Whether you are a football or basketball fan or you like sports in general, this next project will bring out all the things that you love. You can use the basement to store your sport trophies or the many autographs and t-shirts signed that you’ve gathered throughout the year. They don’t have to sit in a box or clutter your bedroom anymore. Consider displaying them on the walls or place them on shelves or coffee tables in your sport-themed man cave. If you want to hang with your friends and watch your favorite match while grabbing a snack and having something to drink, you can place a bar in the same room but make sure to learn a few cocktail recipes beforehand, to impress your mates.

Gaming area

If you are passionate about gaming and you tend to spend several hours a week playing your favorite game, think about creating a gaming area in your basement. It will bring a lot of joy to you and your friends because now you have your own gaming room where you can escape for a little while from your hectic and busy life. Because you are going to place several electronic components, the space may heat up faster than normal and you might end up with a high humidity in your room. To avoid this, install a dehumidifier in the man cave. The best solution would be to invest in a top rated basement dehumidifier because it’s much more efficient and practical than a regular one.