5 Ways in Which Going to the Sauna Can Improve Your Health

Saunas are designed for heat sessions, either dry or wet. Don’t think the sauna is just a place ladies go together to burn calories and chat in a relaxing atmosphere. The benefits of going to the sauna go far beyond that, and they help men as well as women when it comes to improving their health. So don’t be shy, go to a sauna and you’ll see results quickly. In this article, we will talk about 5 ways through which going to a sauna can improve your health, so read and convince yourself of how wonderful it actually is.

Improved heart performance

Medical researches have shown that our heart rate increases in the sauna from 60-70 beats per minute to 110-120 beats per minute. Going to the sauna regularly, you train your heart muscles and improve the cardiac output while helping the body’s regulatory system as well. If you are brave enough to take a cold shower after you are done in the sauna, the rapid change in temperature will increase your heart rate by 60%, this being comparable to the increase you experience while doing moderate exercise.

The toxins get flushed

Because of the heat in the sauna, the core body temperature rises and that stimulates the sweat glands to produce deep sweat. Deep sweating reduces levels of zinc, nickel, lead, copper and mercury. These are toxins we absorb by interacting with our daily environments, and going to the sauna is the most indicated method of detoxification.

Fight illness

By going to the sauna, you help your body produce white blood cells more rapidly. This helps your body fight illnesses and kill viruses. Sinus congestion from allergies or colds is relieved by saunas as well. People who go to the sauna have a less chance to get a cold and influenza as well. Going on a date with a girl you just met with 10 packs of tissues isn’t sexy, so start going to the sauna and be healthy for that special woman in your life.

Rejuvenated skin

When you expose your skin to steam, deep sweating occurs and the dead skin cells get replaced. It rinses bacteria out of your epidermal layer as well. The biggest advantage is that by bathing your skin in sweat on a regular basis you deter collagen breakdown that leads to sags and wrinkles. Don’t think the sauna is a cure for acne, but for some people it works or at least improves the way the face looks.

It reduces stress

This is probably the main reason most people go to the sauna. Stress is affecting us more and more and health issues appear inevitably because of it. Sauna helps fight stress because it relaxes your muscles and it makes your body release endorphin. The endorphin is the body’s chemical that makes you feel good and when it’s released you feel happy and you have an after sauna glow when you are done.